10 Ways To Hang Your New Canvas Art and Photos
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10 Ways To Hang Your New Canvas Art and Photos


Canvas prints and artwork are a great way to add interest to a room, but arranging photos and artwork can be stressful, time-consuming and disappointing if it doesn’t look the way you’d like. We’ve got a number of tricks to help you hang your new canvas print or artwork, including placement and different types of arrangements that will allow you to transform your space in no time.

1. Match Wall Art to Décor

Select artwork for your wall that complements other colours in the room. Art can add an additional accent colour, but it should fit into the overall colour scheme of the room. Look for common hues in your furniture to guide your artwork choice. The right photography or painting will complement the mood and feeling of the room.

2. Hanging Wall Art Above the Sofa

Hanging art too high is one of the most common decorating mistakes. A good rule to follow is to centre your artwork close to eye level. In living rooms, people are usually sitting, so artwork should be lower. A good way to ensure you’re placing artwork at the right height, is to hang it one hand width above the sofa.

3. Choosing the Right Canvas Size

A common problem when hanging artwork above a sofa or sideboard is that it’s not the right size. Having pieces that are too small or too large will make the whole arrangement look wrong. Generally speaking, artwork is around two-thirds the size of the sofa or sideboard. For example, place a 2-metre-wide artwork or print above a three-metre sofa.

4. Wall Art in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, hang your canvas art in a place where it won’t get damaged by heat or water. Consider placing art above a seated area, near the dining table, or above an open counter space. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so having a favourite image or an inspiring quote in view can bring joy to your day.

5. Create Visual Balance with Wall Art

When hanging multiple photos or artwork in a group, visual balance is key. Keep heavier pieces to the bottom and left. It balances the weight of the items because the eye automatically starts on the left. If you have an even arrangement, placing the heaviest or largest piece in the middle creates balance.

6. Where Should I Hang My Artwork or Print

When deciding where to hang images in your home, consider the wall space available and the arrangement of the room. If small items are in a space too large, the pieces look lost. With larger pieces, allow room for people to step back and admire the work.

7. Mock up Art Display Before Hanging

Save yourself the frustration of hanging and then rehanging frames. Instead, try tracing each piece on kraft paper, label the tracing, and cut it out. If you’re hanging portraits, draw arrows on the paper to indicate which way the subject is looking. Use painters’ tape to trial the arrangement without covering your wall with holes.

8. Arranging Art in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, choose personal art, such as family photographs or your own photography. If you’re arranging the pieces in groupings stick with one colour theme or black and white to add a more calming feel. You can also unite the art arrangement by choosing frames in the same colour, style, or finish.

9. Arrange Art on Shelves and Furniture

Blank walls are an obvious choice for displaying artwork, but there are other options you can consider if this isn’t an option for you. Prop artwork on shelves against a wall or atop a piece of furniture for a casual display. This allows you the freedom to quickly change up the arrangement, without inflicting damage to your walls. balance.

10. Arrange Art in Odd Numbers

When creating a grouping, choose an odd number of items. Odd numbers are generally more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There is a middle and mirror images on both sides. This trick helps your art arrangement look balanced and complete.

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