Decorating with Canvas Art
A dining room with a pale blue canvas print on the back wall.

Decorating with Canvas Art


Looking for a stress-free way to make your home beautiful? Canvas prints are a wonderful, inexpensive, and simple product that you can use to decorate any room in your home. These amazing prints can add a splash of colour to your kitchen, a wonderful memory to your living room, or some style to your bedroom. So whether you’re redoing the decor in the bathroom or updating your den, canvas prints are ideal for any indoor space.

Canvas prints make gorgeous reproductions of your favourite artworks, vintage photos, illustrations, personal and professional photographs printed on canvas and stretched over a timber frame. This makes them fully customisable for whatever space you want to decorate. Almost any size you need for your home will be possible with canvas! We also love how easy they are to hang and display. Without the extra weight or expense of a frame, your photos will be lightweight and ready to hang on arrival. You won’t need to look far to find artwork that fits your personal style and space; anything can be printed on canvas! All you need is a favourite photo or an artwork and you are ready to order.

Here are some of our favourite ways to customise your canvas and display art around your space!

Large Canvases

With canvas prints, less can be more! Instead of a collection of mismatched frames and different coloured pieces, put them all together into a beautiful photo collage print or enlarge your favourite image to print on a single large canvas. With canvas prints, you can turn a cluttered wall into a uniform piece of artwork. It will cut down on the crowded feeling in your space and will make your discordant collection into one harmonious canvas.

Lean Your Canvas

Not all art needs to be hung on a wall! Mix it up by leaning large canvas prints against the wall, and put smaller pieces on shelves or mantles. It will add interest and style to any space when your art isn’t placed where expected!

Panoramic Canvas

With lengths of up to 80 inches, your canvas print can display even wide shots and panoramas. These are perfect for a long, empty hallways or behind a sofa. Get even more of your favourite landscape on your wall and create some stunning visual interest with a long panoramic canvas. And without the weight of glass and traditional frames, this panorama canvas won’t be too heavy for you or your walls to hold.

A Beautiful Grid Display

Creating a canvas grid wall is a great way to fill up an empty wall space. If you can’t decide on just one image, this is a great way to create a uniform display of smaller photos. It’s now a wonderful work of art capturing all your memories in one gorgeous wall display.

An Inspiring Quote

Need a little inspiration? Canvas prints are great for more than just photos and artwork; they can also display famous quotes and sayings, inspirational phrases, and your favourite brand names. If you need a little daily reminder displayed as art in your home, a canvas print is a perfect way to display it.

Personalising every room in your home or office with photos and art is inexpensive and easy with canvas prints. This simple process will save you time, money, and will allow you to put together just about any look you could want. So if you want to turn your space into a home, a collection of beautiful canvas prints is a great place to start!

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