Bringing Joy to Aged Care Centres Across Australia: The Power of Art and Canvas Prints to Inspire

Bringing Joy to Aged Care Centres Across Australia: The Power of Art and Canvas Prints to Inspire


Canvas Print Studio is looking to transform clinical or unstimulating spaces into havens of joy and beauty for residents of aged care. The inspiration for this comes from a personal experience while visiting my grandfather in a nursing home. The environment lacked the expressiveness and vitality that art can bring to a space. This led me to realise that for those in the later stages of life, visual stimulation and the beauty of art can significantly enrich their world.

Aged care centres can often lack connection to the natural world, which has the potential to be uplifting. By bringing elements of nature into these spaces it can provide calming and positive emotions for residents. A simple flower has the power to evoke memories of sunny spring days, while images of inspiring travel locations can spark cherished moments with loved ones on vacation.

Our curated online gallery representing Australian artists offers stunning imagery that’s ready to print but we can also custom print images provided to us. Printing and framing personal photos on canvas is a major part of our business and another service we offer to hospitality and aged-care facilities. 

More than decorations, our canvas art is a catalyst for positive emotions. In a setting where residents may spend a substantial amount of time indoors, these prints create an environment that fosters happiness and joy. The carefully chosen imagery not only provides visual interest but also fond memories and opportunity for conversation and connections among residents and staff.

Canvas Print Studio prints offer practical benefits that align perfectly with aged care facilities needs:

  • Suitable for high traffic areas and large walls: Canvas prints offer an affordable, practical and durable option for high traffic areas and large wall spaces.
  • UV coating for protection: Ensures longevity and protects the canvas from dust, damage and fading from exposure to sunlight.
  • Reflection-free display: The UV coating eliminates the need for glass protection which reduces framing costs and gives you a reflection-free display.
  • Ready to hang: Canvas prints arrive ready to hang, they are lightweight and durable making them easy to transport and handle during installation.
  • With or without frame: Canvas prints are stretched over wooden frames, they can be displayed frameless for a contemporary look or with floating frames for a gallery finish.

Canvas Print Studio’s mission is to uplift aged care centres through vibrant art that is truly inspiring. By infusing these spaces with natures beauty and thoughtfully selected imagery, they have the potential to nurture positive emotions and create connections that contribute to the well-being of residents and staff alike. 

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